TIL that Joseph Strauss, the chief engineer for the 1933-1937 construction of the Golden Gate bridge made safety a high priority on the project. It was the first construction site in America to require workers to wear hard hats. : todayilearned

TIL that Joseph Strauss, the chief engineer for the 1933-1937 building of the Golden Gate bridge made security a excessive precedence on the undertaking. It was the primary building website in America to require staff to put on arduous hats. : todayilearned

This was additionally the primary time the greenback worth of a human life was calculated for danger administration functions and led to the follow of compensating households for the dying of a employee based mostly on the employees age, which remains to be widespread in insurance coverage settlements and jury verdicts. It was and is a extremely influential case examine for public works.

The aim was to prioritize the assorted danger mitigation schemes by the anticipated financial savings from diminished accidents. It could be doable to remove all danger of unintentional dying. We might wrap each employee in bubble wrap and have nets stretched over the water in case anybody fell. We might also have a meteorite repelling dome over the development website. That will price a couple of billion and save one life. Directors would say, “Higher if we let that one building employee die and spend these billions on weight problems and drunk driving. That very same amount of cash might save 1000’s of lives.” Now so as to make choices about security expenditures, akin to… will we preserve working when there’s ice and snow or shut the job down? will we pay for an ambulance to be on standby 24 hours per day? Will we use costly barges as an alternative of low cost vehicles to ship concrete as a result of vehicles may be anticipated to have 1.019 deadly accidents per 12 months whereas barges can be anticipated to have none ever?

So we decide the money worth of the life of every employee and if it prices greater than he is value to save lots of him, we do not implement the protection protocol, and if it prices extra to repay his household than to stop his dying, we save his life. This straightforward concept has made building sooner, cheaper, and safer for many years. Throughout Washington, DC, within the Corps of Engineers, the Bureau of Reclamation, the Forest Service, and in each state authorities are basement dwelling spreadsheet nerds making the world just a little extra superior by analyzing the shit out of the financial worth of nuclear energy plant staff, freeway flaggers, and Covid nurses.

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