Brand Safety and Brand Suitability Why Not All Advertisers Should Be Treated Equally

Model Security and Model Suitability Why Not All Advertisers Ought to Be Handled Equally

What’s the distinction between model security and model suitability, and the way ought to manufacturers take into consideration these two ideas when crafting a contextual concentrating on and video technique?

Model security is a set of measures that’s universally unsavory for a model. Model suitability assures that manufacturers keep away from content material that won’t communicate particularly to their model message. Not all manufacturers ought to have the identical suitability strategy and may take into consideration having an strategy that’s tailor-made to their particular wants.

Be a part of Channel Manufacturing facility CEO Mattias Spetz, Good day Contemporary’s Carolina Vicente, and Model Advance’s Chris Kenna, as they weigh in on the worth of brand name suitability and what greatest practices will help information a profitable suitability strategy.

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