Minecraft Vanilla Server (HD) : Methods to Allocate/Give Extra RAM To Your Server [REDUCE SERVER LAG]

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Ram Allocation Components:
java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui
Exchange the “####”s with the quantity of ram you wish to allocate. When you have no idea what quantity to interchange with, look under.

Ram Allocation Multipliers:
– 1024 (1 GB)
– 2048 (2 GB)
– 3072 (three GB)
– 4096 (four GB)
– 5120 (5 GB)
For greater gigabytes of ram, simply multiply 1024 by the quantity of ram you wish to use(ex: To allocate 6 GB of ram, you multiplay 1024*6 which equals 6144, which is the quantity you set within the place of the “####”s) When you can not allocate greater than 1 GB of ram, it means you could have a 32 bit pc and so as to add extra, you’ll want to get a 64 bit pc.

Questioning the way you make a Hamachi Bukkit Server as a substitute? Go right here:

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