Minecraft Griefing – TheNCRebel (Redstone Internet hosting Server)

Mainly, HiiGZ received admin from his douchey server proprietor “TheNCRebel”. We determined that it was time for payback. So we killed folks with the /thor mod, and we WE’RE going to break the server, if it wasn’t for these pesky admins and their proprietor.
Later, HiiGZ came upon that he nonetheless had entry to the servers console, even if they modified the password. We continued to grief the server making them lose members, and should reset the server four occasions as a result of extreme world edit griefings. Sadly, Nessmen was not capable of seize the entire griefing.
Ultimately, we came upon that they modified the console password 5 occasions in a determined try to take away HiiGZ from the servers console.
By the way, the proprietor of the server, “TheNCRebel”, tried to sue Spinny, the tech assist for the server due to the minor mistake of HiiGZ with the ability to log into the console with out having to enter the password. I feel its secure to asume he is slightly mad. -Nessmen

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